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 TUX North Island  & New Zealand Championship Draws
Commencing Monday 30th May 2022 @ Meringa Station
21 Meringa Road, Taumarunui
Hosted by the King Country Centre


01 April 2022 - Championships Message from NZSDTA President 

Hi all

The TUX South Island Championships will be hosted by the North Otago Centre @ Alexandra commencing on Monday 2nd May.
The TUX North Island & New Zealand Championships will be hosted by the King Country Centre @ Taumarunui, commencing Monday 30th May.
If the government guidelines continue to ease both Championships should be back to almost normal.

TUX  North Island & New Zealand Qualifying Points

Omicron has played a big part in the North Island trials, all season and we are now seeing the flow on effect in the South Island trials at the latter end of the season.
The North Island has a total of 88 trials of which 24 have been cancelled, this equates to 28%.
The South Island has a total of 69 trials of which eight have been cancelled, that is some 12%.
This equates to 1920 qualifying points lost.
Based on these figures the NZSDTA Executive has come up with the following:
For competitors residing in the North Island the qualifying points have been reduced from six points per dog to  three points per dog to compete at the TUX North Island & New Zealand Championships.
This applies to competitors residing in the North Island only.
For competitors residing in the South Island, the qualifying points have been reduced from six points per dog to  five points per dog to compete at the TUX North Island & New Zealand Championships.

TUX South Island Championship Qualifying Points

Qualifying criteria and points to compete at the TUX South Island Championships, will be four points per dog.This applies to competitors residing in both Islands with the exception of North Otago competitors who can compete with one point.
The normal qualifying criteria from Centre Championships remains in place, in full.


I wish you all the best for the remainder of the season and championships

Kind regards
Pat Coogan.

Important Notice from NI & NZ Championships Secretary

Please try to use the Online Entry (details below) this will make life easier for both the Secretary and Stud Registrar

Photographed versions (not recommended) of the paper form that are coming through are extremely difficult to read and are likely to result in an error of your entry.

Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

Any queries, please contact Championship Secretary - Lynley Brier
Phone 027 404 6652 or email:




Bluebridge Ferry Discount

We have been frantically liaising with Bluebridge for our discounted rates to be re-instated, I am pleased to announce that as of late today (01/04/2022) we have got this over the line.

Book Now and use our promo code  DOGTRIALS


NI & NZ Championships  - Online Entry Form
Entries are now being accepted (online) for the North Island & New Zealand Championships
To fill out the Entry Form please click Here
Please note this form is for NI & NZ Championships Only
Entry Fee @ $25 per run. Payable to King Country Dog Trial Association.
Account details; 02 0424 0000223 002
Please include your name and name of 1 dog in the Reference and Code fields.
Entries close - 2nd May 2022

Please read carefully.

Fill in the form and press Submit (there is no need to print the form)  a notification will come up on your screen saying your entry has been received.  A copy of your Entry will automatically be emailed to you.
The questions marked with an asterix must be completed otherwise the form will not move off that page or be submitted.
Any queries, please contact Championship Secretary - Lynley Brier
Phone 027 404 6652 or email:


Cancellation Notices
From Northland Centre
Otamatea DTC - Cancelled
From Waikato Centre 
Putaruru-Tirau-Matamata Sheep Dog Trial- Cancelled 
Karioi SDTC - Cancelled
TePuke/Rotorua SDTC -  Cancelled 
Rangitaiki - Cancelled
From King Country Centre
 Tokirima DTC - Cancelled
Awakino CC - Cancelled
From Taranaki Centre
Tarata SDTC - Cancelled 
From Wanganui Centre 
Mataroa SDTC - Cancelled
Ohingaiti District CC - Cancelled
From Wairarapa & Southern Hawkes Bay Centre 
Kapiti West Coast SDTC - Cancelled
Wainui DTC - Cancelled
Weber SDTC - Cancelled
From Hawkes Bay Centre 
Patoka SDTCCancelled
Te Aute - Cancelled
Tikokino SDTC - Cancelled
From Poverty Bay Centre
Ngatapa SDTC - Cancelled
Te Araroa SDTC - Cancelled
Matawai - Cancelled
Opotiki - Cancelled
Ruakituri - Cancelled
Waipaoa SDTC - Cancelled
Whangara SDTC - Cancelled
From Marlborough-Nelson Centre - Awatere DTC - Cancelled
From Canterbury Centre - Oxford CC - Cancelled
Amuri CC - Cancelled
From North Otago Centre   - Palmerston CC- Cancelled
Macraes Flat CC - Cancelled
From Southland Centre 
Gore SDTC - Cancelled
Kuana SDTC - Cancelled
Winton CC - Cancelled




 COVID-19 Guidelines

The current government guidelines state that a community event held in a Red Zone can only have a gathering of 25 persons if being attended by any unvaccinated person.

In an Orange Zone the number goes up to 50 persons.

Under these guidelines any unvaccinated person would be excluded from our Island or New Zealand Championships. Think about it.

The NZSDTA recognises the choice of being vaccinated is up to the individual, however to protect our landowners, volunteers and fellow members it is our recommendation that any individual attending a trial is at least double vaccinated.

However, individual landowners may overrule this recommendation and require a double vaccination. It is important that clubs work closely with their landowners.

Again, I ask you all to respect others and their opinions, stay safe and lets all work through this the best we can while following government guidelines.

Pat Coogan
NZ Sheep Dog Trial Association Inc.


Message from the NZSDTA President  - August 2021 

Regarding 2021 Trans Tasman Test

Regrettably, due to the extreme uncertainty of safe travel with the ongoing Covid-19 situation,  I wish to advise  that the New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Associations’ test team will not be travelling to Tasmania for the impending Trans Tasman test series in October.

This decision has not been an easy one, but in the end it is apparent that we cannot travel with confidence, due to the airline policies and government isolation rules that are continuously changing thus bringing significant financial risk.


Phasing out of Cheques

Due to our banks phasing out of cheques, competitors are advised to take their bank account numbers and give to club secretaries on entering at each trial.