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King Country Charity Trials September 2019

 This year we are trying something a little different with a simple electronic entry form for our King Country Charity trial. You may have already received the electronic form.  I encourage you to use this method only please, as the draw will be generated from this data.  Payment can still be made either by cheque or by internet banking. NOTE. There are two electronic forms. One for the TUX Handy dog and the other for the TUX yarding challenge. Please make sure you are entering the correct event. Both links are on the King Country dog trial Facebook page as well

Tux Handy dog entry form.Open here

Tux Yarding Challenge entry form.. Open here

Simply Click on the link to open the form, fill in the form and submit it.


Robyn Stephens, Secretary KC Charity trial



At all dog trials ain every centre and club in New Zealand it is mandatory that "All classes and types of dogs entering trial grounds must have Ovis Certificates of no more than 30 days prior to trial."

This approved Council recommendation, without exception, is to be strictly enforced and applies to all dogs, competing or otherwise, present on trial grounds.

Dogs are to remain in vehicles until certificates have been checked.

























With Regards The Tux Yarding Challenge Event:

Please note that judges should not be taking a mandatory two points off competitors who change sides after the sheep come off the bridge. It has not been passed as a ruling and points deduction is at the discretion of the judge.


Australia/New Zealand Test 2018:

In Sydney on Saturday 12th October 2018 the New Zealand and Australia team had their runs in the first test. Results from the New Zealand Team:  Andy Clark & Girl 92.75; Mark Copland & Zoe 84.5; Graeme Brier & Sumo 87.75; Guy Peacock & Chief 77.25  Total: 342.25

Australian team: Grant Cooke 71.5; Geoff Gibson 66.25; Bernard McGlashan 85.25; Mick Hudson 82.25   Total: 305.25

New Zealand in lead by 37

Results day 2 (Sunday 14th October) for the Wayleggo Cup:

Results are New Zealand team:  Andy Clark & Girl 80.5; Mark Copland & Zoe 70.5; Graeme Brier & Sumo 81.25; Guy Peacock & Chief 78   Total:  310.25   

Australian team:  Grant Cooke 77.25; Geoff Gibson 75.75; Bernard McGlashan 39; Mick Hudson 86     Total:  278

New Zealand Total 652.5      Australia Total 583.25

Winner of the Wayleggo Cup for 2018 is New Zealand by 69.25 points.

Congratulations to the members of the winning team.




 Faulty Microchip Information February 2018