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Any queries please contact Maria Hurrell (SI & NZ Champ Secretary) 027 202 3358



Special Message from the NZSDTA Stud Register

It is my intention to have a site at both the North Island and New Zealand Championships to display both Stud Books and Sheep Dog; the database that the Stud Books are generated from.

This database is available for purchase at $250+GST.

Note, it will only run on Windows-based computers and tablets.

I will have the computer there so people can try using the program or, if you already have it, get some coaching. I know that there are a lot of people who have not made use of the coaching that we like to give. This could mean they are not getting the best out of this clever little program.

If you already have the program on your laptop or tablet, or wish to install it you are welcome to bring your machine along so you can use your own data and we can teach you how to clean up your data if need be. 

Deirdre Bartlett

Stud Register 


Updated List of Registrations Processed (Click Here) as at 24th April






Kennel Cough Vaccination

As many will be aware there has been some incidents of Kennel Cough in dogs, which can spread quickly. Those that have been unfortunate enough to be affected by this have been proactive in trying the remedy the problem.

With championships looming it may be advisable to check about getting dogs vaccinated.

Pat Coogan (President)  - 16 March 2021


Phasing out of Cheques

Due to our banks phasing out of cheques, competitors are advised to take their bank account numbers and give to club secretaries on entering at each trial.