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Faulty Microchip Information February 2018

Tux Yarding Challenge & Handy Dog Events Waikato November 2018

Tux Yarding Challenge & Handy Dog Events Waikato Entry Form November 2018

UK Style Sheep Dog Trial For 2019

Tux Yarding Challenge Entry Form Central Hawke's Bay A & P Association, November 2018

Tux Yarding Schedule Central Hawke's Bay A & P Association, November 2018 

Tux Yarding Challenge Event Gore, November 2018

Tux Yarding Challenge & Handy Dog Event - South Island & New Zealand Championships January 2019

Tux Yarding Challenge & Handy Dog Events - North Island Championships December 2018

Tux Yarding Challenge & Handy Dog Events - West Otago November 2018

Tux Handy Dog Event - Wairarapa November 2018


Te Aute Dog Trials, Hawke's Bay Centre, Rocky Hawkins:  The planned trial for early November will not be held and we will go back to the traditional dates of mid to late April.


West Otago Handy Dog Entry Form


With Regards The Tux Yarding Challenge Event:

Please note that judges should not be taking a mandatory two points off competitors who change sides after the sheep come off the bridge. It has not been passed as a ruling and points deduction is at the discretion of the judge.



At all dog trials at every centre and club in New Zealand it is mandatory that "All classes and types of dogs entering trial grounds must have Ovis Certificates of no more than 30 days prior to trial."

This approved Council recommendation,without exception, is to be strictly enforced and applies to all dogs, competing or otherwise, present on trial grounds.

Dogs are to remain in vehicles until certificates have been checked.


The Tux South Island championships will be held in Hanmer Springs and hosted by the Canterbury Centre. Start date will be Monday 6th May 2019. 
Event I   -  Ed Aubrey - North Otago Centre
Event II  -  Bo Milner - Wairarapa Southern Hawke's Bay Centre
Event III -  Boyd Tisdall - North Otago Centre
Event IV -  Vaughan Marfell - Wairarapa Southern Hawke's Bay Centre
The Tux North Island and New Zealand Championships will be held in Northland and hosted by the Northland Centre.   Start date will be Monday 27th May 2019.
Event 1   -   Ken Lobb - Taranaki Centre
Event II   -   Kerry Pauling - Canterbury Centre
Event III  -   Steve Blanchard - Marlborough Nelson Centre
Event IV  -   Gavin Drake - Wanganui Centre
New Zealand/Australia Test Judge - Graham White - New Zealand Immediate Past President
Royal Show, Hastings Judge - Grant Magee - Hawke's Bay Centre
The New Zealand Test Team for 2018 is as follows:
Graham White - Judge and Team Manager
Andy Clark & Girl (Captain - Canterbury Centre)
Merv Utting & Prince  (Poverty Bay Centre)  Unfortunately Merv's dog Prince is injured so will not be competing.
Graeme Brier & Sumo (King Country Centre)
Guy Peacock & Chief (Wairarapa & SHB Centre)
Mark Copland - Non Travelling Reserve  (Canterbury Centre)  Mark Copland and Zoe will now be travelling to Sydney.
The New Zealand Australia test in October 2018 is to be held in Sydney, Australia - results on the front page!



















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