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Interim Secretary:

Debbie Pauling, 37 Broad Street, Southbridge 7602, Canterbury Phone 027 344 5182   Email:

Promotions Officer:

Jan Tairua, Phone 02 418 1557 or 0274 961 243  Email:


Rule books can be purchased for $10 each (includes postage). Please e-mail if you wish to have a rule book.  Everyone should have a rule book and read it!


Entry forms for events are on our "Members Area" - Notices page.




Congratulations to Pat Coogan (King Country Centre) the new New Zealand President.

Also congratulations to Kerry Pauling (Canterbury Centre) the new New Zealand Vice President.




Important Information


The trial dates book for 2018 has been posted out to everyone. There is a PDF file on our home page which you can down load if you wish. If you require a copy of the book to be posted out, e-mail your postal address to

For details regarding the 2018 New Zealand/Australia test please refer to the Members Page under Notices.

Australia/New Zealand Test 2018:

In Sydney on Saturday 12th October 2018 the New Zealand and Australia team had their runs in the first test. Results from the New Zealand Team:  Andy Clark & Girl 92.75; Mark Copland & Zoe 84.5; Graeme Brier & Sumo 87.75; Guy Peacock & Chief 77.25  Total: 342.25

Australian team: Grant Cooke 71.5; Geoff Gibson 66.25; Bernard McGlashan 85.25; Mick Hudson 82.25   Total: 305.25

New Zealand in lead by 37

Results day 2 (Sunday 14th October) for the Wayleggo Cup:

Results are New Zealand team:  Andy Clark & Girl 80.5; Mark Copland & Zoe 70.5; Graeme Brier & Sumo 81.25; Guy Peacock & Chief 78   Total:  310.25   

Australian team:  Grant Cooke 77.25; Geoff Gibson 75.75; Bernard McGlashan 39; Mick Hudson 86     Total:  278

New Zealand Total 652.5      Australia Total 583.25

Winner of the Wayleggo Cup for 2018 is New Zealand by 69.25 points.

Congratulations to the members of the winning team.

On the "Notices" page there are the programmes and entry forms for some of the upcoming club trial events, Tux Yarding Challenge and Handy Dog events that you can refer to.

As soon as dog trial results are received they will be loaded onto the website.  Results can be viewed through the website under "Results Page".


2018 Trial Dates & Official Judges List


NZSDTA Guide for Judging April 2018

Training Sheep Dogs & Pups


Tux Yarding Challenge Course Map

Tux Yarding Challenge Rules


Tux Handy Dog Event Course Map

Tux Handy Dog Event Rules


Trans Tasman Course & Rules




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