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If you wish to be added to the email database to receive the results and notices please send an e-mail to with your details.

Important Information


The dates for the 2017 year are now available. The 2017 trial date book has printed and posted out. If you have not received your copy give me a ring or e-mail me.
The website has been updated with all the correct dates and the 2017 trial dates book has also loaded onto the website. When I receive any changes to the trial dates book they wil be listed below.
We regards the sending out of e-mails for the results and notices, we are having problems as some of the bulk e-mails are being marked as spam and not being delivered. I am currently working on this problem with different "experts" and hope to have a solution sooner rather than later. We now have approximately 650 people on our e-mail database!
I am having quite a few e-mails being returned to me with incorrect addresses. If you have changed your e-mail address please advise me so that I can update our database.
As soon as I receive the results I will load them onto the website so if you haven't received your results e-mail you can go directly to our website for the results.
If you are not receiving the results by e-mail please send your e-mail address to and I will add you to the list.


2017 Trial Dates & Official Judges List


NZSDTA Guide for Judging

Training Sheep Dogs & Pups


Changes To The 2017 Trial Dates & Official Judges List:

New Zealand Councillors (Page 3): Laurence Rau, 1105A Back Ormond Road, R D 1, Gisborne 4071  Phone 06 867 8362   Email:   (Change Of Address)

Tim Hunter, 776 Norfolk Road, R D 1, Carterton   Phone 06 370 8426   (Correct Phone Number)      Change Also Page 13   

Northland Centre (Page 4):  Mangakahia SDTC, A J Acteson, 1819 Waimatenui Road, R D 1, Kaikohe 0474   Phone 09 401 0030   Email:   (Change Of Secretary)

Omamari SDTC - Trial Cancelled For 2017 - Dry Conditions

Mangonui SDTC - Trial Cancelled For 2017

Waikato Centre (Page 6):  Waingaro-Te Akau SDTC, Daniel Hodgson, Te Akatea Station, R D 1, Ngaruawahia 3783   Phone 07 824 7532   (Change Of Secretary)

Wanganui Centre (Page 11):  Parapara-Makirikiri SDTC, Mrs B O'Leary, 114 State Highway 3, R D 4, Wanganui   Phone 06 345 9727   Email:  (Change Of Address & Phone Number)    Trial Dates:  10th & 11th March 2017   (Change of Dates)

Publicity Officer:  Address and contact details for Mrs Brenda O'Leary as above.

Wairarapa & Southern Hawke's Bay Centre (Page 13):  Centre Secretary, Cath Bendall   Email:      (Change Of E-mail Address)

Canterbury Centre (Page 21):  Waikari CC, Grounds at Red Oak, 32 Fergusons Road, Weka Pass   (Change Of Location)

Marlborough Nelson Centre (Page 20):  Waimea SDTC, Running all four courses on Monday 17th April starting at 7.30am. Only heading on Tuesday 18th April.

Canterbury Centre (Page 22):  Banks Peninsula DTC, Change of trial dates to 16th & 17th March 2017

Otago Centre (Page 25):  Farmlands Centre Championships, Closing date 01/03/2017.

Southland Centre (Page 27):  Maitland SDTC, Change of trial dates to 22nd & 23rd March 2017

Life Members (Page 33):  Barry Wallace, 16 Ohau Terraces, R D 20, Levin 5570  Phone: 06 368 0073 or 0274 829 822   (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Official List Of Judges:

Wanganui Centre Page 53:  Mrs Brenda O'Leary, 114 State Highway 3, R D 4, Wanganui  Phone 06 345 9727 (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Poverty Bay Centre Page 56:  Laurence Rau, 1105A Back Ormond Road, R D 1, Gisborne 4071  Phone 06 867 8362     Emai:     (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Marlborough - Nelson Centre Page 56:  Eion Herbert, 176 Gibbs Valley Road, R D 2, Wakefield 7095  Phone 03 522 4409 (Change Of Address)

Canterbury Centre Page 57:  T Kinzett, 1077 Heathstock Road, R D 1, Hawarden 7385   Phone 03 314 4335 or 0274 499 603   (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Canterbury Centre Page 57:  J Kotlowski, Irishman Creek Station, R D 17, Fairlie 7987   Phone 03 680 6603 (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Canterbury Centre Page 57:  A G Dickson, 9 Robinson Street, Cheviot 7310  Phone 03 3198519 (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Official List Of Retired Judges:

King Country Centre Page 62:  Dave Davey, 1040 River Road, R D 1, Taumarunui 3991 Phone 07 8957829   (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

Hawke's Bay Centre Page 64:  C H Anderton (Deceased December 2016)

Hawke's Bay Centre Page 64:  Ray McKee, 14 Belgrove Place, Waipukurau 4200  (Change Of Address)

Canterbury Centre Page 65:  F D Osborne (Deceased Canterbury 2016)

Canterbury Centre Page 65:  A G Dickson, 9 Robinson Street, Cheviot 7310   Phone 03 319 8519  (Change Of Address & Phone Number)

National Ovis Dosing Scheme 2017:

Canterbury Centre Page 73: Waikari, Tony Kinzett 0274 499 603 (Add Cellphone Number)

Canterbury Centre Page 73:  Tai Tapu, Add Peter Binnie, 12 High Street, Southbridge, Canterbury 7642 (To Be Added)











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